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Tire Services

Charie’s offers tire sales with mount and balancing.

Charie’s offers tire sales with mount and balancing at competitive pricing. Quite often, an accident can be avoided if the vehicle’s tires are not worn. With South Florida’s rainy season, it is imperative to maintain good tire thread. Our computerized tire mount and balancing system allow our technicians to properly balance your tires before your vehicle leaves our facility. The system locates and eliminates virtually every cause of wheel vibration relating to the tire and rim.

Our versatile tabletop clamping and drive system easily and safely handles 13" - 26" wheels. The radius table design allows us the convenience of bottom bead access while ensuring the rigidity of larger-diameter wheels. The wheel can be rotated in either direction with variable speed and torque. Our wheel balancing system uses a programmable DC drive, giving the operator complete control while balancing your tire.

We also offer simple flat tire repairs.