How to Avoid A Bad Mechanic

Charie’s PBS was recognized for exemplary consumer services.

Channel 10 aired a segment featuring Charlie's Paint & Body Shop as a legitimate, quality shop noted by Miam-Dade Consumer Services Department.

Neighborhood Crime Alert MIAMI -- I need to check your license. It's a request Miami-Dade Consumer Services says you should consider making it every time you walk into a vehicle repair shop.

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"I would ask to see their registration. A registration identifies if the shop is a legal shop with the city," an inspector told Local 10's Sasha Andrade.

According to county officials, if you're not careful, you will lose thousands of dollars in shady work. They say it happens all the time in South Florida.

"Pretty much you get what you pay for," said Juan Concepcion who runs a legitimate body shop. Concepcion said he often has to fix major problems for people who chose the cheaper route the first time around. He said he's seen it all.

"The two front tires going one way and the rest of the car's going the other way," he said. To avoid doing business with a bad mechanic or body shop, the county said you should look for a consumer services sticker on a shop's front window.

Inspectors recommend asking a business for a license and registration. They said you should look at invoices and even ask to look around.

It's a little extra work, but officials feel it's well worth it in the end.

For more information on how to cross reference numbers you can call Miami Dade Consumer Services at 305-375-3677.

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